Hercules - Crystal types

Currently there are 2 types of Crystals in the game.

CrystalWhat it does
Pillar of Hercules crystal; allows you to build altars honouring 1 of the Olympian gods: 1. Zeus, 2. Hera, 3. Artemis, 4. Aphrodite, 5. Hermes, 6. Hades, 7. Apollo, 8. Hestia, 9. Athena, 10. Poseidon, 11. Dionysos, 12. Ares, 13. Demeter, 14. Hephaistos.  [*side-quest-related. Upon completion you may receive either: Heroic Xiphos sword  or Mythic Xiphos sword  ]
Weather crystal; allows you to choose weather: 1. Normal weather, 2.Windy weather, 3. Snow, 4. Rain, 5. Storm

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