Hercules, the quests part 2

HERCULES, quests part2: 

side-quests, part1. (There are 13 main quests, over 15 side-quests)



QuestQuest giverNotes
The sacred cave of Artemisnone ,
Alkyone of Mykenai

Kill the guards and a centaur besieging the sanctuary of Artemis in the Arcadian Cave of Tegea. [Reward: Heroic Bow]
Free the sacred deer of ArtemisAlkyone of Mykenai (upon completion of the 3rd Labour)
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Alkyone, is the sister of King Eurystheus of Mykenai and a priestess of Artemis, the goddess of hunting and wildlife. Since the deer of Keryneia is sacred to the goddess, Alkyone would offer a reward to the adventurer who would bring her this deer. You'll need to sneak inside Eurystheus's zoological collection and free the deer of Keryneia from captivity. Upon completion the deer inhabits the cave of Tegea. [Reward: Gastraphetes (Crossbow), Key of Mykenai]
Unearth the bow of ArtemisAlkyone of MykenaiUpon completion of the second quest for the sanctuary of Artemis located within the cave of Tegea, in Arcadia, Alkyone would give you dark hints about the bow of Artemis the goddess of hunting and wildlife. If you manage to bring her this bow, she will offer high rewards. [Upon completion you might receive: the Bow of Artemis, OR, 1000 Drachmas, OR 2000 Drachmas, OR 3000 Drachmas and the Key of Corinth, OR 3500 Drachmas and the Key of Corinth]

A quiz about a long-forgotten hero

King Glaucos of CorinthWhen you visit Corinth's fortress, King Glaucos will as if you know his son, Bellerophon. He would test your knowlegde and you might receive a small reward, if you truly know basic stuff about Bellerophon, who was exiled from Corinth, yet now he's the King of Lycia. [Reward: 50 Drachmas)
Contraband and espionageLord Polyxenos of EleusisIf you come to the tavern/inn of Eleusis you might stumble upon Lord Polyxenos, a of the members of the city council. He's on a mission searching for contraband and foreign agents among the polulation of Eleusis. Depending on the way you handle him you might win his admiration, suspicion or a small reward of 50 Drachmas.


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