Hercules, the quests part1


Quests part1: the main quests.



QuestQuest giverNotes
the Nemean LionKing Eurystheus (of Mykenai)Travel to Nemea to the north-west. Find the Lion's cave, explore the cave and kill the Lion.
(Obtain the lion's pelt to show to King Eurystheus) Upon completion you can recruit: Iolaos. [*Molorchos, Nemea]
the Lernean HydraKing Eurystheus Travel to lake Lerne to the east. find the Hydra's cave, explore it and kill the Hydra.
(Obtain 1 of the Hydra's heads to show to King Eurystheus)
the Deer of KeryneiaKopreusTravel to Keryneia forest to the west. Defeat all the guards or sneak in to free the Deer of Keryneia. The deer is sacred to Artemis. [*Alkyone, cave of Tegea]
The Wild Boar of Erymanthos KopreusTravel to Mountain Erymanthos, to the west, south of Keryneia forest. Find the cave inside which the Boar dwells. Beware, there's a nearby cave full of Centaurs [*Pholos, Pholoe, the wine of Dionysos]. Fight and capture the wild boar of Erymanthos. [*both caves need "oak wood" to be fully explored]
cleaning of the Augeian stablesKopreusTake the reference letter of King Eurystheus from his herald, Kopreus. Travel to the south-west until you reach Elis in the region of Eleia. Clean the dung of King Augeias's cattle. Report back to King Eurystheus, not Kopreus. Upon completion you can recruit: Phileus [*Phileus, King Dexamenos of Olenos, centaurs of Olenos, Mnesemache].
the Stymphalian birdsKing EurystheusAlexander (of Mykenai), the son of King Eurystheus wants to collect some beaks from the Stymphalian birds. To the north-west, near Nemea, lies lake Stympalos. Travel to lake Stymphalos and kill 3 of the 6 Stymphalian birds [*if you kill more, you can make some extra money by selling the extra beaks]. Report back to Alexander, not King Eurystheus.
the Bull of CreteAlexander,
Alexander (the King's son and heir) will redirect you to his brother, Iphimedon, the treasurer. He is located in the treasury of Mykenai, not in the palace like all the other characters in this list. He will offer to cover part of your expenses for your journey to Crete. Sail from Argos to the island of Crete. Enter the Labyrinth of Knossos and capture the Bull of Poseidon. [*Polyeidos, save Glaucos of Crete]
[*the Labyrinth needs both "oak wood" and the "key of Crete" to be fully explored]
the Horses of DiomedesIphimedonIphimedon will then ask you to travel to Thrace. There lives Diomedes, King of the Vistonians who has ferocious man-eating horses. Go to Eleusis, sail to Thrace and capture 1 of these horses. [*Vyzas, Megara, helping the colony of Vyzantion]. Upon completion Iphimedon will redirect you to his sister Admete.
the belt of HippolytaAdmeteHippolyta is the daughter of Ares, the god of war and bloodshed. She is the Queen of the Amazons, a tribe of all-female warriors. Go to Thespiai to the north (where your children the lesser Heraclidai dwell), travel north to Hyperborea, reach Themiskyra, the stronghold of the Amazons, sneak your way into the castle of Hippolyta and take her best by any means possible (you can either strike a deal or kill Hippolyta). [*]Forceful recruitment: Melanippe  [*Demophile, a house by the oracle, Theseus, rapture of the amazons (Antiope), Hypsepyle, help children find their mother] Upon completion Admete will be pleased with the fashionable belt and she will redirect you to her father, King Eurystheus.
the Cattle of GeryonKing EurystheusGo to Olenos to the north-west. Sail to the legendary island of Erytheia, fight the three-bodied giant Geryon, his 2 shepherds and his twin-headed dog, Orthros. Take 1 of his cattle and return back to Mykenai.
the Apples of the HesperidaiKing EurystheusGo to Pylos to the south-west. Sail to the legendary Garden of the Hesperidai. Fight the Hesperidai Nymphs and their pet, Ladon the dragon. Harvest the Golden Apples. 1 apple is enough to finish this quest, yet you can harvest as many as you desire. The apples offer healing for your party. [*Atlas, quiz of a Titan]
the Hound of HadesKing EurystheusHercules's final labour has to "unite life and death". Travel to Eleusis and talk to King Dexamenos, a religious fellow who learned the "Eleusinean mysteries" from the goddess of agriculture and nourishment, Demeter, herself. He will direct you to the gates of the underworld, the dominion of Hades. Once you enter Hades you can help many dead souls for minor rewards, see the suffering of the wicked in Tartaros or experience the pleasure of the just in the Elyssian plains and the islands of the Fortunate. Beware, the guardians of the underworld cannot die! Solve the quiz of Hades, the god of death and the afterlife and then you may proceed to battle and capture Kerveros, his hound and guard-dog. Show the Hound to Eurystheus and you've completed the 12 labours! [*Theseus and Pirithous, Titans, souls of the dead, Meleager the hero, Kadmos and Armonia, Lykos, etc]
a Damsel in distressKing Eurystheus, 
Alkmene (your mother) and
King Oineus of Kalydon
Diianeira, the daughter of King Oineus has gone missing. Fearing for his daughters life, Oineus, the King of Kalydon offers a reward to the hero who investigates her whereabouts and brings her back sound and safe. Travel from Mykenai to Feneos, then to Kalydon. Kill the Centaur Nessos by the banks of river Acheloos. Free Diianeira and bring her back to her father, King Oineus. Upon completion you have the choise to either marry or abandon Diianeira. You also optain the Potion of Nessos, an essential item for the completion of the game. Once you have this item you can continue to explore, do side-quests and fight monsters or end your game. Use the magic Obelisk inside your Castle in your newfound Kingdom of Feneos. Upon completion you can recruit: Likymnios, Iphikles. Upon completion you can also re-task: Iolaos, Diianeira, Iphikles, Likymnios, Melanippe.


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