Hercules, the quests part 4

Hercules, the quests part 4


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QuestQuest giverNotes
Fund a Megarian ColonyVyzas of MegaraVyzas is the son of King Nissos of Megara. Since the husband of his sister has already been chosen as his father's heir and successor, he decided to found a colony in Thrace. He has one major problem, though: money. He needs to hire a company of mercenaries to aid with securing the land where the colony will be built. He will request that you donate 1,000 Drachmas to him. Based on the player's options, Vyzas will: either reward you with the trident of Vyzantion (a gift from Poseidon) and a statue in Vyzantion, his colony OR he will be bitter towards you for choosing not to help him. (locations: Megara, Thrace)
The flight of IkarosIkarosIkaros is the son of Daidalos, the legendary engineer, builder of the Labyrinth of Crete and the gigantic mechanical automaton (robot) Talos. He and his family are held as slaves by Minos, King of Crete.  If you decide to donate a "resist up" to him (used to make glue),  he will thank you, but he will be unable to pay you, being but a poor slave and such. (This quest might get updates at a far later stage of the development, where finally you might receive some reward and hear the conclusion of Ikaros's tragic story.)  
Free a noble slaveDiipylos (and Eunios)Diipylos and Eunios live at a Greek colony near the mouth of the river Thermodon, in Hyperborea. Their mother, Hypsepyle was once Queen in Lemnos. The Lemnian women though, went berserk and murdered all men on the island. Hypsepyle tried to calm them down and she hid her own father, Thoas of Lemnos so as he'll avoid the massacre. When the rebels found out, they captured Hypsepyle, their former Queen and sold her into slavery. Thoas and Myrina, her parents, along with her 2 sons, Diipylos and Eunios managed to escape and to found a colony on the northern part of the Black sea, near the land of the Amazons. In this quest you'll have to try and locate Hypsepyle who is held captive in some unknown Greek village and return her to her family sound and safe. (Upon completion you will be given 800 Drachmas and 2 full potions)
The abduction of AntiopeTheseus, King of AthensTheseus has recently became the King of Athens. His legendary 7 labours are also represented in my game (as further side-quests). When he came to the land of the Amazons, he decided to abduct Antiope, a beautiful amazon to bring her with him in Athens. Now, abducting people is never a pleasant thing, yet Hercules has always been a friend and ally of Theseus. Should he help his friend, or respect the freedom of a fearsome, strong, yet  innocent Amazon warrior? (Upon completion Theseus offers you 1,200 Drachmas)
Free TheseusTheseus, King of AthensTheseus, as always will be willing to risk his life on his quest to become a famous hero. This time, though, he will be given a taste of his own medicine. While on a mission in Hades's realm, the underworld, he and his best friend, Peirithous will be capture and held in chains made of serpents. Their plan was to abduct Persephone, wife to Hades and goddess of the Underworld because Peirithous wanted to marry her, didn't end well for the kidnappers. Hades, learning of their plan, trapped them in a state between life and death in which they are to remain chained near the underworld's entrance, for all eternity. Both Theseus and Peirithous will ask you for help and a stimulant to escape their fate. While Hades will not be willing to give up on Peirithous, if Hercules decides to act in defense of Theseus, he might manage to narrowly have him escape his fate. (To complete this quest you need to offer 1 stimulant to Theseus).

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