​Hercules, the quests part 6

Hercules, the quests part 6

These quests are refering to Myths inspired by the mythology of Theseus, but I decided to have them in game, since Theseus was occasionally aided in his quests by Hercules, whom he viewed as a role model and since, Theseus was a younger hero trying to imitate Hercules's labours and epic battles!

QuestQuest giverNotes
The lame bandit-If you travel south of Troezen, you might stumble upon Periphetes, a veteran bandit.
Nothing's special about him, other than he's a link to the myth of Theseus, am Athenian hero who viewed Hercules as a role-model.
The wild boar of Kromyon-Phaia was a wild boar slain by Theseus in Greek mythology near the isthmus of Corinth.
If you wish to slay this female wild boar, feel free to do so.
Sciron's RockSciron the BanditOn the road between Corinth and Megara, there's a cave by the name of Sciron's Rock. There you will find Sciron, an old trickster who will ask travelers to wash his feet. Upon choosing to help or confront Sciron you might battle him 1 to 3 times. The looser of the duel will be then devoured by Sciron's pet, a giant sea turtle.
Fitness and DeathKerkyon Kerkyon is a strongman running a gym near Eleusis. He likes to challenge unaware adventurers to a fight and when he beats them up, he murders them. So far no person managed to defeat and kill Kerkyon. Will you be the hero to put an end to his reign of terror and banditry?
The inn of torture and murder ProkroustesProkroustes is a son of Poseidon, the god of the sea. He runs an in and item repair shop between Eleusis and Athens. Upon meeting him, he will offer you a bed in his inn for a heavily discounted price. If you choose to stay, you'll die through the brutal torture methods of this outlaw scum. If you question him, even though he'll at first appear only disappointed he failed to cut a deal with you, he'll them turn psychotic and attack the player, to kill, or capture and torture him to death!

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