​Hercules, the quests part 5

Hercules, the quests part 5


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QuestQuest giverNotes
The wine of DionysosPholos the CentaurPholos lives in the dark caverns of Pholoe on the mountain slopes of Erymanthos. Dionysos, the god of wine, celebration and ritualistic madness gave him 2 urns filled with holy wine. When the rest of the Centaurs in Pholoe smelled the aroma of this wine, stole the wine to consume it themselves. Since Pholos can't defeat all of his fellow Centaurs, he'll ask Hercules to help him recover the holy wine so they can drink it. Upon completion of this quest, you'll share 1/2 of the wine with Pholos. Pholos will reward you with 800 Drachmas.
A plea for helpDexamenos, King of OlenosKing Dexamenos of Olenos is in despair. Centaurs have abducted his daughter, Mnesimache and their leader, Eurytion demands to marry her. Since the other daughters of King Dexamenos are married to Eurytos and Kteatos, the 2 generals of Elis, Dexamenos will ask Hercules to deliver his plea for help to his sons-in-law.
The face of the omenDexamenos, King of OlenosAfter the refusal of Eurytos and Kteatos, generals of Elis to help Dexamenos, the King of Olenos will inform Hercules of a dream he had. The seers consider this dream to be an omen from Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Dexamenos will offer Hercules with a key "that unlocks many secrets in Elis" and he will point him towards the prison of Elis. Pre-requisite of this quest is the completion of Hercules's 5th labour and the imprisonment of Phileus, the son of King Augeias of Elis.
Free MnesimacheDexamenos, King of OlenosAfter you manage to sneak-in or fight your way into the prison of Elis, you will meet Phileus, locked up in a cell. After you'll bring him to Dexamenos, King of Elis, he'll order your troop to advance against the Centaurs who captured his daughter, Mnesemache. To the disbelief of the guardian of Olenos, the company of heroes under Hercules will sally forth and defeat the Centaurs, then, they'll free Mnesemache and finally Phileus will marry her. King Dexamenos will be delighted to see his omen was shared with his daughter and Phileus fulfilled the fate of their dreams. Upon completion you'll receive 2 high potions and 800 Drachmas.
The florist of ArgosHipponoosHipponoos of Argos is a grumpy florist and shop keeper who aspires to someday become a ruler in his own right. Yet to achieve that he needs to sell a lot of his goodies. Unfortunately, he's only a weak merchant, so he can't reach his garden in mount Taygetos, north of Lakaidaimon (aka Sparta) to collect his crops. The plants in the garden will be Poppy flowers, a dubious, yet effective substance with some positive and negative effects. He'll ask Hercules to fetch him his goodies. Upon completion, based on your choices, you'll receive either 500 Drachmas and discounts at Hipponoos's shop OR 220 Drachmas. Hipponoos then will sell his plot of land to some Spartan (aka Laconian) person!


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