Hercules, the quests part 3

Hercules, the quests part 3


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QuestQuest giverNotes
Searching for the SeerKing Minos of CreteIf you ask Minos about his family, he would voice his concerns about his lost son, Glaucos of Crete. He will ask you to find Polyeidos, a seer capable of locating the whereabouts of Glaucos and able to ensure his safe return. You'll need to explore Crete to find Polyeidos and persuade him to appear before King Minos for the offered quest.
A fate undoneKing Minos of Crete, Polyeidos the SeerPolyeidos will reveal part of his visions for the fate of Glaucos. Minos will then provide you with the key of Crete (can be used to explore more areas inside the palace of Knossos, Crete and the famous Labyrinth of Daidalos (*related to the main quest-line, the Bull of Crete). Find the cave where Glaucos lies fallen, bit by a venomous snake. Polyeidos will then cure and save Glaucos. Upon completion Polyeidos will return to Corinth, his hometown. King Minos will offer a reward of 600 Drachmas.
The manor's keyHerophile, the Hellespontian SibylHerophile of Troy is an oracle and she's travelling across Greece. She lives in the tavern of Delphoi. She came to Delphoi to inquire about a prophetic dream she had, about the destruction of Troy from peasants and fishermen through trickery. She recently bought a house from Metaneira, the Queen of Megara, but she didn't receive the deed and key to her property. Help her claim her rights to housing in Delphoi the sacred city of Apollo, god of prophesy, music, art and light. 
A love letterPhilodikePhilodike is a Naiad Nymph from Argos. Recently she re-located to Pylos. One day she saw Leukippos, an exile from Lakaidaimon (aka Sparta) and she fell in love with him instantly. Be a good person, help the two love birds set up their nest! Upon completion, you'll receive 100 Drachmas.
Pillars of HerculesPriestess of Hera in Mykenai, Priest of Zeus in IthomeMykenai, the capital of the Kingdom of Northern Argolis, led by Hercules's cousin, Eurystheus, has a temple dedicated to Hera. Asking the priestess of this temple for quests will lead in the quest to erect 14 pillars around Greece to honour the 14 Olympian gods. the Priest of Zeus in Ithome will be the person you need to report to. Each pillar is an altar to a major god or goddess and it costs 1,000 Drachmas to be build. The pillar to Hera costs 2,000 Drachmas, because the goddess holds great animosity towards Hercules. Upon completion you will receive either the Heroic or Mythic Xiphos (sword).

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