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This is Heroes and Monsters. A game with an oldschool playstation/nintendo feel.

Pick between 6 ancient Greek heroes and heroines and slay the monstrous beasts that roam the land! Adjust difficulty based on your ability and become a legendary hero. Use the keyboard or a gamepad to play.

Available Heroes and Heroines (6):

Hercules, Hippolyta, Chiron the Centaur, Atalanta, Cassandra, Odysseus.


Monsters to kill (12):

Karkinos the Crab, Kalydonian Boar, Sphinx, Stymphalian Birds, Sirens, Minotaur, Medusa, Chimaira, Giant, Lernean Hydra, Harpy, Griffon

Have fun! 


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Thanks for the follow, and it'd be fun to make a game with your art at some point. I made a short Greek mythology inspired game and uploaded it just now:


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My gamedev email is: owner@hitheryongames.com but I wear different hats. Thanks! I'm gonna try to check out Hercules before too long. :)

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That was... embarrassing. Got LOLpwned on my very first fight. I can always try again, right?

Hahahaha! It's supposed to be hard to master, hero! Try taking it step by step and heal often! Remember to upgrade your armour and weapons as soon as you can! You can do it! :)

Hi, are you interested to make a game in the theme of Moonstone, if decided let me know. blue_shay at Hotmail dot com

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