Heroes and Monsters (MTH, part 3)

Heroes and Monsters, meet the heroes (MTH), part 3

 Another anouncement regarding my game, Heroes and monsters

previous MTH devlog: https://dimosadonis.itch.io/heroes-and-monsters/devlog/61371/heroes-and-monsters...

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Class: Hero  Equipment: SwordClass: Hero Equipment: Sword
Starting spells: spark, heal  Spells to learn: wind, iceStarting spells: spark, heal Spells to learn: wind, ice
Skills to learn: Dual attack, double attack, triple attackSkills to learn: Dual attack, double attack, triple attack
Difficulty: EasyDifficulty: Easy

coming up:


Chiron the centaur, Cassandra (+bonus 2 mercenaries)

previous devlog: https://dimosadonis.itch.io/heroes-and-monsters/devlog/61371/heroes-and-monsters...


Hippolyta, Odysseus

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