Heroes and Monsters (MTH, part1)

Heroes and monsters, Devlog 2. Meet the heroes (MTH)!


Playable heroes and heroines:


She (Hippolyta) was the queen of the Amazons, which dwelt near the river Thermodon, a great nation in matters of war; They were brave (or manly), and if they ever gave birth after copulating, they nourished the female offspring, and they crushed their right breast, so as not to impede them from throwing javelins,  they kept their left ones, so as to feed their children. And Hippolyta had the belt of Ares [god of war and her father] as a symbol of being the first amongst all of them (Amazons). [Apollodoros, Bibliotheca, B5,9, translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas]


She knew it before all belted [armed, wearing panoplies] men and all the women/ it was the cursed Cassandra, which looked like the golden Aphrodite. [Homer, Iliad, Ω, lines 698-699, translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas] The full of sorrow for her father, voice, I've heard, of Priam's daughter/Cassandra; [Homer, Odyssey, λ, lines 421-422 translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas]


Chiron was born by [the Titan] Kronos  and [the Nymph] Philyra, he was a centaur of two-natures. [Apollodoros, Bibliotheca, A2,4, translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas] And Peleus brought him [(Phoenix the son of Amyntor) to Chiron, and after he (Chiron) cured his eyes he installed him as King of the Dolopes. [Apollodoros, Bibliotheca, Γ,13,8  translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas] And they say that Achilleus was taught / by Chiron, the most just amongst the centaurs. [Homer, Iliad, Λ, lines 831, 832 translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas]


Hercules, (son) of Zeus.  [Apollodoros, Bibliotheca, A9,16, translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas] After he battled the Minyans, it happened to him to go mad, because Hera was jealous (of his achievements); and his own children, which he had with Megara, threw into a fire, as he did with two of Iphikles [his step-brother]. Thus he was convicted to leave [Thebes]. He was purified by Thespios, and he went to (the oracle of) Delphoi to ask the god [Apollo] where should he dwell. And it was the Pythia [priestess of Apollo and oracle] the first one to call him Hercules [Heracles]; until then he was called Alcides. She told him to dwell in Tiryns and to worship Eurystheus, for twelve years, and to finish the ordered ten labours [later became 12]. And so, she said when all the labours would be complete he would be immortal. [Apollodoros, Bibliotheca, B4,12, translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas]


Oineus [king of Kalydon] made sacrifices to all the gods but he forgot (to sacrifice) to Artemis. Thus she became angry and she created a wild boar of outstanding size and strength, which made the land barren and it slayed all of the herds and killed all the people that came upon it. To deal this wild boar, (Oineus ) invited the most excellent (heroes) of Greece, and he promised its pelt to the one killing this boar as a reward. Those who came to hunt the [Kalydonian] boar were these: [Lists them all. Amongst them was] Atalanta, (daughter) of Schoineus from Arcadia. [...] and when they all arrived, Oineus hosted them for nine days. On the tenth day Kepheus and Angkaios and others scorned going to the hunt accompanied by a woman. Meleager (son of Oineus) had as his wife Cleopatra, the daughter of Idas and Marpisse , though he wanted to have children from Atalanta, so he forced them to start the hunt with her (Atalanta).  And when they surrounded the wild boar,  Hyleus and Agkaios were slayed by the game. Eurytion was killed from a javelin of Peleus by mistake. And the wild boar was wounded first by the arrows of Atalanta on its back side, then, it was wounded second by Amphiaraos in the eye; Meleager killed it with a strike on the flank (or loin), And he received the pelt which he gave to Atalanta. [Apollodoros, Bibliotheca, A8,2, translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas]


Offspring of Ikarios and Perivoia, a naiad Nymph  were [lists them all. And amongst them was] the daughter Penelope, which was f*cked by (or was married to [same verb, same form] ) Odysseus. [Apollodoros, Bibliotheca, Γ10,6  translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas] And thus Odysseus was engaged to the (daughter) of Ikarios, Penelope [Apollodoros, Bibliotheca, Γ10,9  translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas]  Odysseus was asked by Lykomedes to find Achilleus; he found him using a clarion. And that's how he (Achilleus) was brought to Troy.  [Apollodoros, Bibliotheca, Γ13,8  translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas], And all the gods showed mercy on him/ except for Poseidon; he remained irritable/ with the anti-godly Odysseus before he (Odysseus) reached his land. [Homer, Odyssey, α, lines 19-21 translated by Dimos-Adonis Vryzas]


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